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Hydrolina Biotech is a global enterprise with the primary objective to manufacture products of nutraceutical significance derived from natural resources specifically algae, fungi and bacteria.

The Company is presently engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of “Vitalinaa” - Spirulina dried Powder, Tablets & Capsules. The company has steadily made progress by successfully earning a reputed name with the able guidance and valuable expertise by its proactive board. Our healthy product “Vitalinaa” form the building blocks needed for balanced nutrition in balanced proportion that too in totally bio available form. Product quality, regularity of supply and value of commitment are the hallmarks of our company. The company has a team of experts committed to adding the value of their professional expertise to this industry and expediting the process of International competitiveness. The company now has its focus to undertake research and development work in the field of biotechnology and microbiology.



  • Technologies for natural living, development and dissemination
  • To produce the richest and complete nutrition food in a miniature and concentrated form derived from the earth's ancient algae - “Spirulina
  • Our attention will be mainly focused on the growth, nurture, hygienic cultivation, production and marketing of “Spirulina” so as to eradicate the malnutrition from the people of all ages.
  • Explore other natural resources such as alga, fungus and bacteria for functional food derivatives.
  • Develop total solutions for Biochemical Extraction procedures for Natural products.
  • Technology Know-how transfer in the field of Biotechnology.
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