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Research & Development


Our R&D facility has been recognized by DSIR (Department of Scientific & Industrial Research) under Ministry of Science & Technology, New Delhi. The R&D facility of the company is being headed by a high profile & reputed Scientist with over 30years of research experience in the field of Biotechnology, Microbiology & Fermentation. Under the able and dedicated guidance of the Head R&D, the Company proposes to pursue technological topics for inventions & interventions.

The following research works are being carried out in our facility, Chennai.

1. Biodiesel from Algae
2. Carotenoids from Algae, Fungi & Bacteria
3. PUFA form Microbial sources
4. Pigments from Agro products
5. Biochemical extraction procedures & standardizations for Medicinal plants
6. Isolation of Bacteria for Accelerated Composting Techniques for Agriculture waste     management.
7. Technologies for Solid Waste Management

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