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What is Spirulina ?
Spirulina Spirulina is a microscopic blue-green aquatic plant which is believed to be the first form of plant on earth, nearly 3.5 billion years old. Spirulina generally found in fresh, brine and brackish water, this tiny aquatic plant is a food source so rich in plant nutrients, vitamins, proteins and minerals & hence it has been hailed as a "miracle food". Its deep green colour comes from its rainbow of natural pigments, chlorophyll (green), phycocyanin (blue) and carotenoids (orange) that harvest the sun's energy. Spirulina is easy-to-digest and so its nutrients are absorbed quickly.

What Spirulina Can Do For You!
Spirulina offers 60% all-vegetable Protein, essential Vitamins and Phytonutients such as the Anti-oxidant betacarotene,the rare essential fatty acid GLA, iron, vitamin B12, Sulfolipids, Glycolipids and Polysaccharides. This makes Spirulina the world's only single source of all the nutrients that the body needs to stay fit, healthy and active. Using Spirulina daily helps to detoxify the body naturally. It also helps maintain a healthy weight and provides all nutrients needed for constant release of energy, and hence leaves you fresh, active and energetic through out the day.

Studies have shown that spirulina can:

  • Help your body fight infection
  • Lower your cholestrol
  • Balance HDL(good cholesterol)levels
  • Fight obesity
  • Support eye and cellular health
  • Be used to overcome malnutrition

This incredibly potent nutritional supplement should be a part of your healthy lifestyle, whether you want more energy, a healthier immune system, or to ward off disease.

Is Spirulina really a miracle food?
Spirulina is recognised as a safe and highly beneficial human food in more than 70 countries and by Organisation such as UN, W.H.O & NASA. In fact NASA has chosen Spirulinaas its primary food for space travel, W.H.O has found Spirulina to be an excellent food for human consumption and the UN World Food Conference at Geneva concluded that Spirulina could be the solution to global protein shortages and claimed it to be "The Food for Tomorrow", granting it the status of a genuine nutritional supplement.

Does Spirulina have any side effects?
Since Spirulina is a natural "whole food",nothing is added to it or taken out, hence there are no side effects. About 5000 children in India were given 1gm of Spirulina every day for over 1 year and no side effects has been reported.

What are the benefits of VITALINAA -SPIRULINA
  • Supplements nutrition
  • Relieves general tiredness and weakness
  • Enhances good health & growth
  • Nourishes and maintains the body
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Bust Stress
  • Stimulates memory

Why VITALINAA-Spirulina is an ideal dietary supplement?
VITALINAA -Spirulina is grown in ponds gently agitated by paddle wheels in a facility that is situated in a serene location. It is grown in a conducive environment that is free from ground water contamination and pesticides. This makes VITALINAA - SPIRULINA rich in pigments with high mineral level, making it a superior nutritional Spirulina product.

  • VITALINAA - SPIRULINA consists of protein that is 4 times higher than the protein in meat and 5 times more than in egg.
  • It consists of 8 amino acids and beta-carotene which is source of vitamin A, this is 20-25 times more than the vitamin A content in carrot.
  • It also consists of vitamins and mineral at higher quantities when compared with other food.
  • The vitamin B1 content in VITALINAA - SPIRULINA is 100 times more when compared to vegetables, fruit and meat.
  • The Vitamin B2 content is nearly 5-20 times more than other foods
  • VITALINAA - SPIRULINA also consists of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which is an important fatty acid to reduce cholesterol, prevent hypertension and cardiopathy.
  • It is also the richest source of bio-available natural iron which is non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Yes, VITALINAA - SPIRULINA undergoes dozen of quality control tests everyday. VITALINAA SPIRULINA conforms to health standards set by the USA, Japan and Europre.

Vitalinaa Spirulina Production Process
Our spirulina Production facitliy is located 50kms away from chennai. We grow our product "Vitalinaa" in a remote village isolated from agricultural activity as such there is no fertilizer or pesticide contamination, ground water contamination and air is clean free from all pollution. The temperature here is very conducive for the growth of Spirulina. Our production process includes:


Growing of Spirulina
Spirulina in our farm are grown in number of very large ponds gently agitated by paddle wheel in each pond. Clean fresh water and premium quality nutrients are used to nourish a consistent high quality Spirulina.

Spirulina in our farm is harvested using our unique technology so as to get the maximum yield. We have engineered the right system to effectively remove Spirulina from the water; hence we always have a good harvest, which is a reward for our unique technology.

The harvested Spirulina is washed and then dried using spray drier. This quick process journey of Spirulina from ponds to powder form, preserves heat sensitive nutrients and pigments. No preservatives, stabilizers, additives are used in drying.

Fresh spray dried Spirulinais vacuum packed in food grade LDPE bags and stuffed in carton box. The carton boxes are then palletized as per the request of our customers to reach them safely. When stored in a dry place in an unopened original container shelf life is 24 months from the date of manufacture. “Vitalinaa” spray dried Spirulina powder is available in 25 kgs packs. “Vitalinaa” Spirulina capsules are available in 500 mg & Tablets in 500 mg & 250 mg sizes.

We have a full-fledged laboratory with the necessary testing equipment and our qualified lab technicians shall collect samples from the ponds and the final dried product for dozens of different analytical tests. Rigorous quality control procedures are carried out before every shipment.

How much should I take, can children take the same quantity?
Millions of people, of all ages consume Spirulina across the globe as a nutritional supplement in the form of capsules,tablets, powder, juices, flakes, etc. VITALINAA-SPIRULINA is available as 500mg Capsules and Tablets for adults and 250 mg Tablets for children. The recomended intake is 2- 4 capsules or tablets for adult and 2- 4 tablets of 250mg for children everyday.

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